Sharing is a very human trait

When we share images, videos and information online we are doing more than just sharing, we are initiating a response from those in our personal networks.

Nowadays we do this very often, actually, most people share something they like at least once a day.

Imagine if you could turn that act of sharing into a rewards earning opportunity. Now you can!

Creativity is the spice of life

Qwids gives you the power to pick and choose missions to complete with the brands you already like.

Through your social networks you are able to receive fun and creative missions that allow you to explore your own artistic expression, while collaborating closely with the brands you already enjoy everyday.

Freedom to Exchange

Unique to Qwids is the way in which you are not only able only earn rewards for being creative, and in other ways, but you also have the freedom to do as you wish with your rewards.

Once you have completed a mission and received your reward, you can trade with other Qwidsters, keep it in your Qwids Wallet or spend it with the brand.

Lots of brands are about to discover that granting this freedom to you, the individual, is the only way to go.

How it works

When you see a mission you like the sound of, simply accept the mission, perform the mission. Your point will be deposited into your qwids wallet directly after you have complete the mission. In the video below we see an example of how a mission could work for a clothing store. Please take a look.


Social network missions

Brands will post missions via social networks for you to complete. You can choose to complete missions for whichever brands you wish to collect points with. We currently support Instagram & Twitter for completing missions, you can be notified of new missions via Facebook or other social channels, depending on where your favorite brands are publishing missions.

Providing Feedback

When you provide feedback to a company or organisation, you are helping them make their services and products even better. We believe you should be rewarded for that valuable feedback, and we think you probably agree. Providing feedback is not just about filling in boring forms, it can also be used for more in depth and challenging missions.


Many reward points systems you use today are closed off systems, brands decide what the rules of the points are. Qwids is the first service to put you the consumer in charge of your points. Collect them, Spend them or trade them with friends, this way you can get the points you need right when you need them.